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Decreto Flussi 2020

Tentative start date for Decreto Flussi 2020?

The 2020’s Decreto Flusssi, like all the years, should come out in the middle of March, and then be fully operational from the middle of April 2020. Last year’s Decreto Flussi of the Ministry of the Interior provided for 30,850 people, for seasonal subordinate work, self-employed and non-seasonal work from eligible countries.

The quota, and eligible countries for 2020 will be announced in Mid-March 2020.

The Decreto Flussi 2020 will include the following:

non-seasonal subordinate workers who have completed training programs in the country of origin,
non-seasonal subordinate workers of Italian origin, residing in Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, up to the third degree of ancestry in a straight line.

In addition, there are quotas for the conversion

  • seasonal residence permit, subordinate residence permit for business reasons,
  • the permit for training, study or internship, in residence permit for subordinate work,
  • permits for training, internship, and study in residence permit for self-employment,
  • long-term EC residence permits issued by another European Union country, in an Italian subordinate work residence permit,
  • to transform the long-term residence permit Ce into an Italian residence permit for self-employment.

For all further detailed information, it is important to wait for the publication of the 2020 Decreto Flussi and the explanatory circular of the Ministry of the Interior on the official journal.

The general quota for Decreto Flussi

A total of 30,850 foreigners can apply for seasonal and non-seasonal visas normally for Decreto Flussi. Out of the total, 18,000 is set aside for the seasonal workers for agricultural and tourism jobs.

On the other hand, 12,500 is for no-seasonal workers with the following distribution:

Work Visa (lavoro subordinato) Conversions into Residence Permit (permessi di soggiorno)

  • 4,750 residence permits for seasonal work;
  • 3,500 residence permits for study, training and / or professional training;
  • 800 EU residence permits for long-term residents issued to third-country nationals from another EU Member State.

New Visas

  • 500 non-EU foreign nationals residing abroad, who have completed training and education programs in their countries of origin (pursuant to Article 23 of the Legislative Decree of 25 July 1998, No. 286;
  • 100 workers of Italian origin on the part of at least one of the parents up to the third degree in direct line of descent, residing in Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and Brazil.

Conversion of Self-Employment into Residence Permit

  • 700 residence permits for study, training and / or professional training;
  • 100 EU residence permits for long-term residents, issued to third-country nationals from another EU Member State.

New Self-Employment Visas

A total of 2400 self-employment visas are set aside normally.

Important information


It is immigration flow program that helps Italy to recruit non-European workers for its seasonal and non-seasonal work visas. The most famous is the seasonal visa of Italy for agricultural and tourist activities.


There are no set aside requirements for seasonal visas of Italy. Even Italian language proficiency does come into force or hurdle. There is also no set aside parameters for educational qualification as it is agricultural work so it does not matter if you have a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma. For non- seasonal visas, there are certain requirements one has to fulfil before applying.


If you are national of one of the above-mentioned countries, you will need a job offer from an Italian agricultural company or an employer. Once deals are done between you and your employer, the employer will submit the application for work visa permission at the interior ministry official. Once he receives the decision, he will forward it to you to represent it with your personal documents in the embassy of Italy in your country of origin. Upon receiving the work visa decision and your personal documents, the embassy will stamp you the work visa of 9 months of maximum for the purpose of agricultural or touristic work in Italy.

The application procedure is online.

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