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Foreign persons moving to Poland for a period longer than three months are legally required to apply for a temporary residence permit which grants them the right of living here. The temporary residence permit in Poland can be issued for a variety of reasons, which can be related to employment in this country, studies, research, starting a business, and others; you can find out more information on the reasons for which one can obtain a temporary residence permit through us. We can also help you apply for a permanent residence permit in Poland.

When should a foreigner apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland?

The foreigner must apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland if the duration of the stay is longer than 90 days. If the person will stay less than 90 days in this country, he or she is not required to complete any legal actions.

However, in the case in which the foreigner will live here for more than 90 days, the person should apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland no later than the last day of his or her legal stay in this country. As a general rule, the applicant must complete the application in person, but other options are available as well (by post).

You should note that the permanent residence permit in Poland comes with other requirements.

What are the documents required for the issuance of a temporary residence permit in Poland?

The documents necessary for obtaining a temporary residence permit in this country will vary based on the reasons for which the person makes the application (family reunification programs, employment purposes, or studies). A set of documents will be common for all applications regardless of the reasons for which the person is moving to Poland, such as:

• provide a complete application form and two copies of the application (a standard form that is used for the issuance of the temporary residence permit in Poland);
• four photos, with a size of 35 mm x 45 mm and which must respect specific standards as per the Poland immigration law;
• a valid travel document (identity document or passport);
• a document that attests to the person’s residential address in Poland;
• proof of the fact that the person has sufficient financial resources to live in Poland.

Provided that the temporary residence permit in Poland is requested for employment purposes, the application should contain papers attesting to the qualification of the applicant for a specific type of work.

What are the main reasons for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Poland?

As we presented above, the Poland immigration law provides a wide range of reasons for which foreigners can apply for a temporary residence permit. Currently, the Polish legislation allows foreigners to apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland based on the legal grounds mentioned in the list below:

• starting a work contract in Poland or working as a highly-skilled employee;
• opening a business in Poland as a foreign investor or working here as a representative of a foreign company;
• enrolling in tertiary studies in Poland or participating in academic research;
• moving to Poland for a short period of time with the purpose of visiting family members;
• being a refugee or being a minor child of a foreigner living in Poland.

Refugees benefit from special regulations, including when it comes to Polish citizenship.

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